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Krusevo is an attractive and interesting travel destination due to its location (the highest-located town in the Balkans at 1250m), its configuration (the so-called eagle's nest) and rich culture and history.



This tranquil town is excellent for sport and recreation - seeking tourist.Its mountainous climate, clean fresh air, beautiful pine and beech forest landscapes, invites admirers of unspoild nature, especially mountaineers, skiing fans and gliders, for a year - round pleasurable experience.

All these, plus the unique town architecture, abundant tradition and customs, and the famous hostpitality of the people of Krusevo, will make your visit a true delight.


  • Overnight
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Organize lunch or dinner in a restaurant
  • Organizing parties at the whish of guests
  • Organizing various trainings and mini seminars
  • Organizing walks around the town with guide.

The main goal is to satisfy the demands and desires of guests